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    The CDTEC laboratory is an entity specialized in certification and research in gems, especially emeralds, for which it has high-tech equipment and trained staff, ensuring high quality service and reliability.


    To provide quality service in research, identification and certification of gems, using there sources in both analytical and technological fields of Gemology and Spectroscopy, by meeting established quality parameters, ensuring the credibility of our job.



    By the year 2017 it there will be conformed a competent laboratory in the field of research and certification of emeralds, diamonds and in general all kinds of gems, based on excellent service, experience, quality and confidentiality.

    The ultimate goal is position in both nationally and internationally, as a highly reliable laboratory, achieving the laboratory accreditation for testing of different gems.


    The laboratory seeks to guarantee the satisfaction of customer needs by meeting the requirements of national and international standards, which ensure, through good laboratory practices, quality results and build confidence in the evaluation of the quality of the emeralds, diamonds in general, all kinds of precious stones.


    It’s a mixed nature corporation responsible for promoting research and technological development, as well as other actions that further promote and position the Colombian emerald.

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    A group of experts in gemology and spectroscopy conform the CDTEC team.

    General Director
    Carlos Julio Cedeño

    General Director

    Chemist / Spectroscopist Specialist
    Miguel Jose Herreño

    Chemist / Spectroscopist Specialist

    Chief  Gemologist
    Darwin Daniel Fortaleché

    Chief Gemologist

    John Mario Zamora


    Andrea Xiomara Morales


    Administrative Assistant
    Liliana Castro Ropero

    Administrative Assistant

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    Consultation CDTEC gemological lab report is a PDF file that contains information from the original report, for confirmation or verification data from that particular report; this file is subject to limitations.
    You'll must choose of type certificate relative to your gemstone, enter the report number and weight of the stone (data given in the certificate).

    See example of report